In some cases, 
we have to accept how some people acted and behaved 
not how the person should act based on our point of view..

In any relationship, we share the responsibility. 
50% each...
if we've done too much until we can't stand with it any longer, 
then.. no need to put so much further effort lah.. 
just ignore tak perlu pikir banyak

if we have put too much effort in thinking, keep thinking and thinking
tapi tak paham2 jugak note epidemiology ke hape ni ntah..
then just ignore tak perlu pikir banyak..
dah cecah limit 50% of responsibility...
another 50% nasib lah soklan exam esok tu susah ke senang bleh jawab ke tak..
ok bye!


zuhanismohamed said...

samaa laa..tak paham @_@

VanillaKrimSoda said...

zuhan --> itulahhh.. ntah hape benda yg dibaca... wuwuuuuu~

AshQah Qieen said...

I'm here because you visited my blog.. 'Pasal Minta Tolong"?
I don't know where to dot down my 'footprints' but its enough to tell you that :
"Jurnal Lavender was here..!"
You have such a very a nice blog-name..
Yup, Im also expressing my reveries through my blog too.. hehehehe :D
I'm also a student, and I wish for your flying colors success too..

VanillaKrimSoda said...

AshQah qieen --> Thanks for dropping by... =D

ai klik yu.. yu klik ai... meh la klik sini...