The truth..

People keep asking me 
whether i want to stay here in hosp manjung after finish my prp (aka housemanship) ?

Of coz la tak!

I get bored easily.
There's no way for me to stay in 1 place for too long.

as a pharmacist here,
the workplace is quite bored.
at least..
for me..
Bukan sebab Manjung ni kecil,
Bukan sebab Hosp ni kecil,
tapi maybe sebab we are all still a prp 
(aka kuli)

except all this girls
if we can get together in 1 department
mungkin aku tak tahu apa itu 'bosan'

Sebab kitorg semua at the same level
as a 'kuli'


Thanks a lot Pn N

THANKS A LOT Pn N sebab tak lepaskan kami pergi induksi.. 
maka tak sah lah jawatan kami... 
thanks a lot for being so selfish. 
Alasan tak bagi pergi sebab takde orang sebagai back up in case tak cukup staf.. 
you take us as backup, but never backup us..


Cinnamon Rolls without yeast

Lets tempt your taste buds with cinnamon rolls...
this is another easy recipe to try
with shorter waiting time (no yeast is needed)


until well-combined...

and beat again..

it will look like this 



Lets DIY Red Bean Paste

Ran out of red bean paste?
But u got the raw material.. i mean.. the red beansss...
Lets DoItYourself.

Go! get some
1. red beans (250g)
2. granulated sugar (4 tbsp)
3. brown sugar (2 tbsp)
4. pandan leave (1)
5. cooking oil (2 tbsp)

Not to forget, add in the pandan leave
wait until the beans soften...
Add more water if necessary...

The red bean paste is now available!


Dorayaki recipe step by step.. Itadakimasu!


2 eggs
70 g sugar
1 tbsp honey
80 g all-purpose flour
½ tsp baking powder
1 tbsp water (optional)
Red bean paste

Heat non-stick pan on medium-low to medium heat. 
Coat the pan with oil (slightly oiled but shouldn’t be visibleà the secret of getting nice dorayaki surface texture)

Transfer to plate covered with damp towel à to prevent drying

Wrap with crystal wrapper until it ready to be served.

ang ang ang~
 totemo daisuki doraemonnnnn....

boleh dah ajak doraemon datang rumah...



In some cases, 
we have to accept how some people acted and behaved 
not how the person should act based on our point of view..

In any relationship, we share the responsibility. 
50% each...
if we've done too much until we can't stand with it any longer, 
then.. no need to put so much further effort lah.. 
just ignore tak perlu pikir banyak

if we have put too much effort in thinking, keep thinking and thinking
tapi tak paham2 jugak note epidemiology ke hape ni ntah..
then just ignore tak perlu pikir banyak..
dah cecah limit 50% of responsibility...
another 50% nasib lah soklan exam esok tu susah ke senang bleh jawab ke tak..
ok bye!


Mistake episode1

Today's Life Lesson:

We tend not to see the mistakes and misconception of people we admire...
that's the pathetic part..

But, they do make mistake..
no body's perfect kann...

ai klik yu.. yu klik ai... meh la klik sini...