:: i was and i wasn't ::

Mood : maleh la aku nak kesah...sebabnye

i was there, or
i wasn't there,

i was in, or
i wasn't in,

i speak, or
i didn't speak,

still no one care,
feel am being ignored is so common,

positive part of me ghost whispered ,
some people are born and are destined to be such kind of person,
though they have tried so hard rock cafe ,
still, nothing goes right,
this is how the world teach us how to get used to it,
so then, you won't care too much,
so then, you won't be too sensitive,
so then, you'll become emotionally resistant to it,

everything happen for a reason ,
A reason that we often can't see through naked eyes,
but it can be seen through mind.

now, we bungee jumping to the conclusion :

" lu pikir la sendiri..!

i won't ever care.
to such stupid, idiot, unimportant matter.

p/s: yang aku pikir this sengal matter. awatnya..? bek lu pikir camna nak pi bulan menggunakan tangga.

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