Arghhh...! s***... !

truthfully, the place is hell.!
with all the fucking test, same old shit., same routine, same problems, same conflicts, same hatred,
time2 cam sekarang ni.. aku harap aku tengah travel around the world without the need to going back to that hell ....my roomie is on a flight to Germany right now... oo my gucci, best gilest.!!! imagine, ari ni tapak kaki die kat malaysia lagi, esok die akan menapak kat germany... hahaha.. best oooh.!!! yang tak best is kene pergi conference or seminar or taktau la ..and terpaksa forget the incoming tests.. then affect mark for final.. adalah sangat tak best. memang in dilemma.. rase macam
"bersuka ria dahulublogger-emoticon.blogspot.com, berduka cita kemudianblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com"... lebih kurang la tu...

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